ipsy Gen Beauty 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m so excited, it’s finally almost time for ipsy Gen Beauty New York! Last year was the first time I attended and I really had not heard much about the event. So I’d like to take the time to share my experience and what I am looking forward to most this year.

The base ticket price is $180, but there are coupon codes and discounts available so you don’t have to end up spending all that. Included with the ticket is a goodie bag stuffed so full you think the bag is going to burst open. It is a 2 day event and the one ticket is for both days. Inside the event, a variety of beauty brands set up booths where products are sold at a discount and even more goodies are given out for free! The brands range from drugstore to higher end things found in Sephora. Not only is it awesome to get an array of “free” products it is also really cool to find new brands.

Last year I attended with my best friends and we had an AMAZING weekend. We found a full sized Tarte palette in our goodie bags, which brings me to an important point! Peek at whats in your bag before you go on a shopping spree! You may have already received something you might buy! Gen Beauty also offers meet ups and you can add onto your ticket for ipsy Beauty Lab. I highly recommend staying in a hotel nearby the convention center so you can get to day 2 as the event opens to really make the most of the weekend. The lines for the booths are long and you really need the 2 days to hit them all and get every freebie possible.

I’m really excited to share another incredible weekend with my best friend. We’re staying in our favorite hotel! We’re gonna get A TON of new make up to play around with! We are going to treat ourselves! Thats my favorite part of Gen Beauty, it is truly self indulgent. I can’t wait to just have fun, get glam, and escape the real world for the weekend.


Thanks for reading! Like or comment if you’re interested in Gen Beauty or other conventions like it! Let me know if you’re going to Gen Beauty! I really hope this year is as magical as least year!
🙂 Fran

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