Last Minute Halloween Costume

Hi everyone!

Happy almost Halloween! This past weekend I had to pull together a Halloween costume, cheap and cute, to go out with my friends. I had a few failed attempts to come up with costumes and a lot of changes in my Halloween plans. So when it was finally decided that we were going out to a bar, I had to come up with a costume quick!

All it took was skimming through Forever 21’s clearance racks. I found a red Wilson body suit, which was on sale for $9, and came up with the idea to dress up as a lifeguard. With black athletic shorts, similar to these, for $10.90 my outfit was basically complete for about $20. I hit Party City and got a whistle for $1.99. This outfit was cheap, comfortable and super cute! I highly recommend looking for clearance items over buying an overpriced costume. The best part is these clothing items can be worn again in a regular outfit!


Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has fun and safe Halloween festivities!
🙂 Fran



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