New K-Mini Plus™ Single Serve Coffee Maker


For the past few months I have been on the hunt for a mini Keurig. Every model I have found has been around $100 which is just way too much for my wallet. While browsing Target’s website, I saw they had the new K-Mini Plus Keurig brewer on sale for $60. I ordered it so fast you have no idea! I had wanted a mini Keurig because it serves no purpose in my life to make an entire pot of coffee. When I want coffee, I want a small cup and I want it fast. The K-Mini Plus truly gave me exactly what I needed. I can make myself an iced coffee before work in under FIVE MINUTES! It is perfect for someone who is constantly running late.

Now, this specific Keurig model certainly is not for everyone. I am the only person in my house who uses it, so that fact that it does not have a water reservoir that remains full is okay. It can be a little annoying to have to fill it up every time I want coffee, but it isn’t that annoying. Plus its nice fresh water every time I brew myself some coffee.

Another thing I like about this brewer, is that it is so narrow. It could fit in the tiniest space. Along with its compact size, I got it in the color “oasis” which is super cute.

I would recommend this for someone who lives alone, or who just doesn’t have much counter space.


Thanks for reading! I hope if this is helpful if you’ve been looking into buying a Keurig!

🙂 Fran

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