Top 4 Favorite Natural Looking Foundations


I have started to part ways with some products in my ridiculous make up stash. I was looking at a drawer full of foundations I do not wear, and I am kind of a hoarder when it comes to my stuff, but I knew deep down that I did not need it all. So I narrowed down my collection to 8 foundations, and I’d like to share my top 4 favorite ones!

Wet n Wild MegaCushion Foundation SPF 15


It’s a match made in makeup heaven: Liquid foundation in a cushion compact. Tap the cushion to add just the right amount of coverage or double tap to add more. It’s perfectly portable too, with an air tight, no mess compact that makes applying liquid foundation a breeze. Infused with coconut derivative, the luminous, lightweight, and buildable formula helps boost hydration and contains SPF 15 for added skin protection.

This foundation gives nice coverage! It was the first cushion foundation I ever tried and I really enjoy it! I even got my mom to try it out, but she doesn’t like it as much as I do. It doesn’t gather around any dryness I have on my face and I REALLY enjoy the scent. The product as a whole is lightweight and natural looking and truly worth giving a shot.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream


This BB skin perfector adjusts to skin tone, blurs imperfections, and protects with broad-spectrum SPF 30. This replenishing water-gel formula leaves skin feeling fresh.

Blurs imperfections, Brightens, Enhances, Hydrates, Evens skin tone, Smoothes

Zero oils and heavy ingredients Protects with SPF 30 Oil-free

I first tried the Dream Fresh BB Cream a few years ago while on vacation in the Bahamas with my boyfriend’s family. I forgot to bring any type of foundation with me and my boyfriends sister let me use her BB cream and I loved it! At the time my face was burnt to a crisp and the product felt really nice on my skin. I find that this product gives decent coverage, but does a very good job at evening out my skin. I wouldn’t say it does much blurring as mentioned in it’s description above, but I will surely continue to repurchase this BB cream.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint


NEW Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint applies flawlessly while instantly quenching skin, leaving skin so hydrated it looks smooth and fresh all day. This foundation moisturizes and plumps skin for 24 hours. It creates a natural, moisturized and fresh look.

  • With hydrating hyaluronic acid
  • Improves the suppleness of skin over time
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic
  • Doesn’t settle into fine lines
  • Available in 10 blendable shades

The Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint does a very good job moisturizing and making your skin look great! Not sure how this would work out for those of you with oily skin, but for my dehydrated skin this is amazing. I also was able to find a shade that matched my skin pretty well, I find that most drugstore skin make up is very pink. The product is pretty sheer, so I would say there is wiggle room when determining your shade.

FAB Triple Protection Skin Tint


This ultra-light, breathable fluid glides easily and effortlessly onto skin for simple, brush-free, buildable coverage. Non-comedogenic and formulated for all skin types, even sensitive, this natural-pigmented formulation is available in four adaptable shades to suit a wide spectrum of complexions.


This is the only product on my list that has a matte finish, but it is a natural matte, so I like it. It doesn’t feel dry and I love the way it looks like my real skin. I’ve already talked about this product on my blog and I don’t need to rant about it again, but I really do love it!

Thanks for reading! I’m clearly a sucker for some skin tints and bb creams! Hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favs! Like or comment if you love something on my list too! I’ll be posting more about my all time favorite products as I slowly part ways with the stuff I don’t use!

🙂 Fran


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