New Fav Self Tanner?

Hello everyone!

It’s about that time of year for me when every bit of a natural tan has left my body. By the time December hits, I have achieved maximum ghost form. I would much rather be a bronzed goddess all year round but finding the perfect self tanner is hard, and can be pricey!

My normal go to is the Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Ultra Dark, but it’s $40. The price makes me not want to use it all the time and then I end up staying ghostly shade of white. While at Target about a month ago I found a product that I thought could be a dupe. It is the Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse.

After using it twice I would say it is pretty comparable. Loving Tan provides a slightly more olive-tone tan which does look more natural. However, the Jergens mousse is only around $12. Better for my bank account and the tan basically applies and looks the same.


Here’s a before and after using Jergens, its not a crazy difference but I do not ever get that dark. I like how my skin tone looks even and warm.

Thanks for reading! If you’ve tried these products or others let me know which is your favorite.

🙂 Fran


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