Online Holiday Shopping: Props to Sephora


I have to give some praise right now. Since November 26th (Cyber Monday) I have done a TON of online shopping. I have placed order with stores from Sephora to Modell’s and I have to say, nobody tops Sephora’s ability to process orders. They get that order filled and shipped SO FAST! I am now frustrated when stores take a day or more to ship my order, and even more frustrated when my package takes more that 2 days to get to me!

Sephora you’ve spoiled us all with these incredible holiday shipment times. Thank you. No one can ever top you. You are the best. I don’t know how you do it.

Now that I’ve gushed Sephora-love-goo all over the place, if you haven’t started gift shopping for a beauty lover in your life don’t worry. Any online orders from Sephora will probably get to you in like 30 seconds.

I highly recommend online shopping with Sephora. The holiday-season increase in orders seems not to have phased them one bit and I can’t say the same for other online purchases I have made with other retailers.

Thanks for reading! Let me know how your holiday shopping is going!
🙂 Fran


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