Dehydrated Skin? I Can Fix That


I don’t know about y’all but my skin gets incredibly dry in the winter. It is a constant battle to keep my skin from looking flakey, head to toes. New Jersey winters can be pretty harsh on my sensitive skin. However, over the past 2 years I have finally found some products that really work. I just want to stress how dry my skin gets, I’m not being dramatic here, the skin on my face dries up like you would not believe. From exposure to the cold dry air outside and blasting the heat in my car, my face gets no break. So I want to share the skincare products that have really helped me and hopefully if you’ve got super dry skin these can help you too.


Lets start with the love of my life, shall we? If you’ve read my first post ever you already know what I’m about to recommend. FREAKING GLOSSIER MILKY JELLY CLEANSER BABY! This stuff is so gentle and makes your skin feel incredibly soft. If the milky jelly cleanser was a person, I would leave my boyfriend for them. It’s just so good for dry skin.

My other favorite is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. This is just as gentle as my Glossier, thinner formula, but cleans just as well. I love this one too, and I have been thinking about buying it after I use up my current bottle of Glossier.


My current toner is the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. I spray it generously over my face after cleansing and I really think it helps keep my skin less flakey. I have tried a few other toners in the past, but they all irritated my skin. Did I mention my skin is super sensitive? Cause it is. This was pretty pricey! I like it! I recommend it! But I am looking for an alternative…


Tarte Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H20 Serum! This stuff is great! I loved it, but at $42 I have not repurchased it. I have a hunch that the Hyaluronic acid serum from Trader Joe’s is a dupe, but I have not purchased it yet because I have 2 other serums I’m currently using. BUT if you have the cash to blow on your serum get the Mermaid Skin!

Belif Hungarian water essence, now I’m not sure if this is really a serum, but I use it as one. I find it incredibly hydrating. Plus it smells nice. I love it. The bottle I’m using now is a sample size portion that I got from Gen Beauty, so I have about one use left. I’ve gotten samples of this before and I always love what it does for my skin.

Vital Vita 12 Synergy Serum! WOW! This stuff makes your skin glow! I love putting this on and looking at what this does. Your skin just soaks it up and looks incredible. It hydrates and nourishes and is just oh so good.

Innisfree Intensive Hydrating Serum with green tea seed. This was another sample size product I got from Gen Beauty, and I just started using it this past week. I really like it! I’m not buying the Mermaid Skin (or its Trader Joe’s dupe) or the Belif Hungarian water essence or the Vital Vita 12 Synergy Skin because I am going to be purchasing the full size of this.

*I do recommend all of these for those of you who are looking for a serum, just depends on what you are looking for/your skin type*


Glossier Priming Moisturizer. This is just a good moisturizer. Doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t break me out, doesn’t leave me looking greasy. It absorbs quickly and locks in moisture.

Trader Joe’s Antioxidant moisturizer. Similar to the Glossier moisturizer, but it is thinner. It gets the job done for $5.99.

Sleeping Masks

Freeman Glacier Water & Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask. Long name. Works wonders. I use is as an overnight mask and as a regular mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes and your skin will thank you. You skin will GLOW.

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask. I got a few sample sized portions of this from Gen Beauty and I wish I had more. This stuff feels AMAZING and smells AMAZING and works AMAZING. You need it, if you can afford to drop $34 on a sleeping mask DO IT. You will not regret it. It also smells amazing. If you only consider getting one product that I’ve ranted about in this post, get this.

Lip Balm

Glossier Balm Dotcom. This is the only lip balm I really recommend. I’ve mentioned in my Ipsy bag reviews that I LOVE lip balms and this is simply the best. I will not rant about this. I will just say this lip balm really moisturizes your lips and they stay moisturized for a good amount of time, unlike others.


PHEW! What a list. I didn’t realize this post would be SO LONG. But there you have it, my holy grail skin care products for my parched skin.

THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU READ ALL OF THIS! I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my posts, especially one as lengthy as this.

🙂 Fran

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