While I normally make a blog post on Tuesdays, I decided I’d compile all my failed VLOG attempts and make a Youtube video. All these clips have been taking up room on my phone and some of the clips were down right goofy so I thought it would be kind of funny. So today I have uploaded my first vlog and I noticed some thing while looking over all these clips.

I noticed in my most current attempts to vlog, I was certainly a little more comfortable talking to myself/the camera(my phone). I really think in addition to blogging about stuff I like I am also going to be making vlogs. I think this will help build up my confidence, speaking my thoughts OUT LOUD and then uploading a video of myself that anyone can see. It’s a very scary thought but I think it could be a good thing. It will also be nice to have videos of my life to look back on.

If you want to click the video and watch it, I hope you find the beginning as funny as I do!

Thanks for reading, thank you for watching and I hope everyone had a good day.

🙂 Fran

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