Microfiber Velvet Sponge?


Microfiber VELEVT Sponge? Oh, you fancy, huh? This make up sponge seems pretty  bougie to me. It is cheaper than a real Beauty Blender. Since this Velvet sponge is only $6, it isn’t as expensive as it sounds. This price tag and the hype around the sponge make it very intriguing. The sponge can be used wet AND dry and is supposed to be able to do it all!

“If you’re looking for a more natural, airbrushed foundation finish the JUNO Microfiber Velvet Sponge is your go-to. Made with velvet-soft microfiber bristles and a slanted edge for controlled stippling, the JUNO Microfiber Velvet Sponge provides buildable coverage, fast.”


I have seen a lot of reviews on the JUNO & Co Microfiber Velvet Sponge everywhere. I have pretty much only seen good reviews and I don’t really agree with them. I received this sponge in my Ipsy bag and I have used it a hand full of times since then. I hate to be negative, but after trying it out I was super confused about all this hype.

I did NOT like how it blended out my foundation. It took a lot of effort to keep my foundation from looking crazy patchy. I only had that problem once before with some cheap sponge I had in high school. So the horrifying flashbacks I had while I looked in the mirror were bad, but this sponge was worse!

It did a fine job with blending concealer but I feel like thats not hard to do. Basically every make up sponge I’ve used has been able to blend out my concealer well.

I  like using sponges for powders. Using them to place powder under the eyes and to clean up my contour. This sponge did a fine job with that, but that is not a hard task for my other beloved sponges to do.

Bottom line, in my opinion, this sponge is not worth the hype. There are better ones out there. Maybe I’m not using it right. I just know that the few times I used it I was not satisfied. I’ll continue to give it more chances, though.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you’ve tried this microfiber sponge and if you liked it. Let me know your favorite sponge!

🙂 Fran

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