Fashion Nova Makeup?

Hello friends

About a week after opening my last Fashion Nova package, I decided to hop on their site again to buy another pair of jeans. While looking through all the merchandise they offer, I saw that they sell makeup. It immediately peaked my interest. So, on top of buying a few clothing items I also grabbed some makeup to review. I first thought that Fashion Nova had its own makeup brand, but it doesn’t. The items I bought were from Rude cosmetics and L.A. Girl. When I placed my order I purchased an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, a concealer, and a face powder. When I was emailed that my order shipped, I was also informed that I was being refunded for the powder. I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to make a video using a full face of Fashion Nova makeup. But 3 products are better than none!

Rude Tokyo Metropolis Eyeshadow Palette

Now, first up for review is the eyeshadow palette. From the brand Rude, this 14 color Tokyo Metropolis eyeshadow palette is a real eye catcher. The orange packaging is bright, but the overall design is kind of simple. It reminds me of a postcard. Inside the palette are 14 BEAUTIFUL shades. All warm and pigmented well. I was able to blend them easily and create a simple yet beautiful eyeshadow look. I can’t wait to use the purple shades.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal


So here’s the tea, this concealer is actually really good. I’ve seen people rave about this all over the internet and I actually like it too. It doesn’t feel super heavy, yet has very good coverage, and it blended out very nice. I have no complaints about this concealer other than I ordered a shade that is too dark for me. Which is on me not the concealer lol.

Rude Virginish Lip Glow


This is one of those magic lipsticks. When you apply it to your lips it instantly changes colors. On my lips it turned into to a very vibrant pink. It looks super glossy, which I’m into. I don’t really love super matte lips all the time. This lipstick is so shiny and feels like almost nothing on the lips. The packaging looks super cheap in my opinion. I know it doesn’t really matter what the packaging looks like if the product is good, but I can’t get over how crappy the packaging is. It kind of looks like the Dior Lip Glow packaging (Dupe?) , but crappy. It’s a nice glossy lipstick though.


All together I was able to create a pretty look with the products I got. I was go genuinely interested in what kind of makeup Fashion Nova was selling. Overall, I think Rude cosmetics creates good products and I would definitely consider buying another eyeshadow palette from them. L.A. Girl also seems to be good, I might have to order another concealer in a more appropriate shade for myself.

Thank you for reading! I’ll probably be buying more makeup and clothes from Fashion Nova soon! So if you’re interested in keeping up with my reckless spending, follow me!

🙂 Fran

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