Acrylic Lookin’ Nails @ Home

I’m the kind of person who likes to find ways to save money when I can. I love getting my nails done and I love the confidence I have when my nails and long and manicured. It just makes me feel like more of a woman, if thats not weird to say…

While I love the look of a well done manicure, it sure is expensive to maintain. Recently I have discovered a GEM at the drugstore to give you that salon look on a budget, I’m talkin’ $7.99. The Kiss Salon Acrylic line is amazing. These nails actually stay on for weeks and can be painted any color you want. The line also has nails that already come in cute colors. These are the ones I did tonight… IMG_0983

In addition to this little review, I also did a little video on my Youtube channel showing how I do my nails at home


Thanks for reading and watching. Let me know if you’ve tried these nails bc seriously they are AMAZING! And you have to try them out.

🙂 Fran

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