The More Glossier The Better

Hello Everyone!

If you’ve read my posts before you probably know that I have a deep love for Glossier. Their skin care changed my LIFE. So naturally, I have been super curious about their makeup. The only thing holding me back was that everything is kind of expensive and I just wasn’t ready to blow my money on their makeup. I was also apprehensive because there’s no place to swatch or feel the products very close to me. BUT, when I ran out of my Priming Moisturizer and went on their website to buy more I saw that they had new makeup bundles. They put the Perfecting Skin Tint and the Stretch Concealer together with a little discount and it was enough for me to make the plunge.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

OKAY SO, I know people have mixed reviews on this product. I feel like you either love it or hate it, and I love it. There is very little coverage but it somehow just makes your skin look good. It melts into your skin and looks like you have nothing on. I think it’s amazing and with a dewy finish, I couldn’t ask for anything better. I really love it. If you are into the no makeup-makeup look you’d probably like this. I have pretty dry skin in the winter but it doesn’t cling to dry patches. The lightweight feel and dewiness just make your skin look healthy and like it’s glowing. I love it so much, I’m kinda mad at myself for waiting so long to try it.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

I have never been loyal to any concealer before because they are always are too dry for me. Under my eyes they always crease like crazy no matter what I do. On my face to spot conceal, it always just looks cakey or just looks crappy. I pretty much gave up on concealer because I had never found one that worked for me. Drugstore to high-end-ultra-hyped-up concealers (shape tape👀) left me dissatisfied. I really thought I would just never use concealer, until I tried this one. I don’t know how Glossier does it but this concealer MELTS into your skin like no other. It doesn’t crease under my eyes, it blends seamlessly into my skin over imperfections, and it matches my skin perfectly. I can’t believe I’m in love with a concealer. Who am I! You can also use the concealer to build up coverage on top of the skin tint and it never looks cakey. This is a game changer for me. Holy grail. I’m head over heals in love.

I always have so much to say about Glossier, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this brand. These products were better that I expected. If you’re interested I also made a video about them …

Thank you for reading and for watching the video if ya did. I can rant for days about how much I love Glossier. Let me know if you’re obsessed with them too or what brands are your makeup soulmate!

🙂 Fran

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